Monday, March 12, 2012

Crepes (part 1)

So I've made crepes 3 times now and had moderate success twice. Unfortunately though, I don't have any pictures and I don't have very many interesting things to say here because crepes are a much better time waster than blog material.

Anyway, the first time I made crepes they were a complete disaster. They were simultaneously undercooked and burned and didn't look very much like crepes. The second time I figured out how to cook them so they are edible and the third time I tested a Belgian crepe recipe. The Belgian crepe recipe is the one I plan on posting; it is a lot easier to use as a beginner though the crepes are eggy-er and the batter is runnier than the crepes you would usually see.

Hopefully I will be able to get pics next time I make crepes and I will put the recipe up soon. Have fun pottering, non-existent readers, I will be posting more soon

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